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Jonathan Rice

The Creative Visualist Founder

Hello, I’m an award-winning Creative Director, illustrator and photographer with over twenty years’ experience in all things advertising. I’ve worked with big brands such as Pepsi, GTE, Verizon, Texas Instruments and P & G, and helped small companies to realize their potential. My design and illustrations have been highlighted in Communication Arts, Print, Archive, and Graphic Design USA. My best logos and corporate identities have been featured in the celebrated Logo Lounge book series. I’ve won a few awards, too, both local and national–broadcast, print and outdoor.

When I’m not creating and executing ideas for clients, I spend time creating art work, and photographing interesting people and places. My wife and two daughters inspire me, and put up with my Disney obsession. Showing friends and family around Walt Disney World and Disneyland makes me happy.

I believe in delivering the BIG IDEA no matter what medium it takes to do so. I’ve done that everywhere I worked, and will do that on here. Enjoy!


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