Jonathan Rice


Jonathan Rice loves vintage art and retro designs, as well as early pop culture and entertainment. He loves the present day technology and aesthetic that surrounds us all, and the future that can bring. And he desires to marry all of those interests into his art. 

Known as The Creative Visualist, Jonathan works every day to create art that mixes vintage imagery, like travel posters and Mid-Century Modern art, with his unique style and vision. The resulting imagery can tug at the heart, bring a smile to the face, or make one long for yesteryear. But no matter the emotion, the art itself will always brighten up any room it is displayed in.

Jonathan spent the majority of his life creating advertisements and designs for corporate America. He won a lot of awards and helped a lot of clients sell boat loads of products. But Jonathan’s heart was always drawn to making great, visually interesting art and design that everyone can appreciate and love. His journey into making his own art started a long time ago, but it wasnt until 2016 that he really got serious about creating his brand and his own product line. Now Jonathan sells his art on Etsy and on his own site.

When Jonathan is not creating new ideas and images, you can find him spending time with his family and friends, traveling and visiting some Disney park around the world.